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Collaborative State Projects

Over the course of four years, HAP worked collaboratively with ten state SHIP programs to build their capacity to serve a diverse and growing Medicare population. Each project, called a Collaborative State Project (CSP), identified and addressed a programmatic challenge or issue. The overall goals of a CSP are:

  • To expand upon and strengthen existing SHIP initiatives by providing customized assistance;
  • To develop innovative and sustainable practices or models based on proven interventions;
  • To share best-practices with the entire SHIP network that can be replicated in other SHIP programs with similar needs.

Although HAP will not be initiating new CSPs, we encourage you to adopt the process to help you meet your goals, whether you are looking for a new organization to partner with or are looking to make changes internally to better serve your clients.

About CSPs

  • Project Summary: This document describes the seven major phases or steps of a CSP beginning with the Request for an Application through the Project Close-out.
  • Project Schedule: This chart provides an overview of the 12-month project schedule including the major phases and timeline.
  • A Practical Guide to Implementation: This document summarizes "what worked well" and the "lessons learned" in our collaborative projects. It also provides recommendations for programs that are considering implementing a new project or making a change.

Sample Documents

  • Partnership Agreement: This sample Partnership Agreement between the State SHIP and another organization is a non-contractual agreement that initiates the partnership and helps ensure commitment to the project.
  • Facilitation Guide: This sample Facilitation Guide provides a framework for the Needs Assessment and Outcomes Planning Workshop. It includes sample questions and objectives.
  • Work Plan: This sample Work Plan provides a framework to capture and track the project objectives and activities within the allotted timeframe. It also assigns responsibility for each activity to a specific organization or participant.

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