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Medicare Drug Coverage:
Enrollment and Disenrollment 

HAP Resources

  • Pictorial Chart: Guide to the Open Enrollment Period
  • Chart: Annual Enrollment Periods
  • Chart: Special Enrollment Periods
  • Chart: Quick Guide to SEPs
  • Narrative: When Can State Government Agencies Help With Part D Issues?
  • Fact Sheet: Discretionary SEP Scenarios
  • Flowchart: Enrolling in Part D
  • Narrative: Enrollment Reconciliation Process 
  • Guide: Step-by-Step Guide to Enrolling in a Medicare Drug Plan
  • Fact Sheet: Who Can Help with Part D Decisions and Actions?
  • Presentation: What You Need to Know About Medicare Drug Coverage - This template presentation allows you to customize a consumer presentation for your audience about Medicare Drug Plans.  It presents general information about the changes to Medicare, and it also presents a step-by-step process for beneficiaries to follow in order to select a Medicare Drug Plan.
  • Presentation: Medicare Rx in 2007

HAP Conference Calls

February 21, 2007: SEPs, The Next Steps
November 15, 2006: Counsel Through: The 2007 Part D AEP
October 18, 2006: Think Twice, Enroll Once
September 20, 2006: Getting Ready for 2007

CMS Resources

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