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The experiences and expertise of the SHIP community represent an important voice in the Medicare program, and play a critical role in improving access to care for the nation's 45 million beneficiaries. HAP is committed to bringing the perspective of the SHIP network, and the beneficiaries they serve, to key audiences. 

Our public education and policy efforts position and promote the value of the SHIP network with decisionmaker audiences, including Congress, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and other important stakeholders in the Medicare program and policy community. HAP's recent activities include helping to increase federal funding for the SHIP network, and working to move the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) to allow beneficiaries to make more informed choices about their health care.

What does HAP mean by "public education" activities? We define them as informing and educating key audiences on a particular issue to better protect beneficiaries and help SHIPs, whether its working to improve the Medicare program as a whole, or submitting public comments to CMS to improve the draft 2010 Call Letter to Part D and MA plans.

HAP has also developed public education talking points and tools that SHIPs can customize for their own use when talking to local audiences about improving access to benefits for Medicare beneficiaries:

For an additional information on HAP's public education and policy activities in support of the SHIP network, visit the July Conference Call page, or contact us.

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