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Help HAP Identify and Address Issues Affecting Medicare Beneficiaries

Report Your Issues

Examples of how systemic issues affect beneficiaries in your state will help us develop trainings for the SHIP network, as well as pursue advocacy to improve Medicare program policy.

Your experiences are extremely valuable to our work on this project. Please contact us to share your client's stories.

The Health Assistance Partnership (HAP) has received a grant to help Medicare beneficiaries, and improve the Medicare program as a whole, by identifying the systemic issues that affect beneficiaries across the country. The project consists of three parts:

  • Capturing the persistent issues frequently encountered by beneficiaries across the Medicare program
  • Developing trainings and tools to help build the capacity of the SHIP network to address those issues at the individual beneficiary level
  • Developing system-wide recommendations for policymakers and other influential audiences to help address the issues in order to promote long-term positive benefit for all Medicare consumers

SHIPs are a local access point to the Medicare program, and are among the first to spot the persistent issues that adversely affect beneficiaries across the Medicare program. The feedback they provide — and the issues they share with HAP — will provide the basis of the trainings for the SHIP network and the policy recommendations to improve the Medicare program.

HAP has developed a Web-based tool to help SHIPs capture
information on the persistent issues. We want to hear from you!



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