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Volunteer Program Development

Volunteers are critical to helping SHIPs meet the increasing demand for services. In a recent survey of SHIP Directors, more than two-thirds – 70 percent – reported that volunteer recruitment is a top priority. Training volunteers is equally as important, and challenging, for programs with limited resources and competing demands.

HAP, in partnership with many SHIP programs, has developed a number of resources and tools to help SHIPs develop or expand their volunteer programs as one way to effectively reach and serve more Medicare beneficiaries. We offer practical resources and tools in three main areas:

  • Recruitment: How to find and select the right volunteers for your SHIP.
  • Training: How to equip volunteers with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.
  • Management: How to keep volunteers engaged and evaluate your volunteer program.

Guide to Volunteer Program Development: Our guide contains a variety of tools and resources on volunteer program planning, recruitment, training and certification, and management. It also includes practical tips to help you can incorporate the ideas into your SHIP.

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